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Life can be pretty amazing. There are numerous occasions which demand you get high definition binoculars. This includes bird watching, wild safaris, favorite sports or even scenery observation. There is that urge to have a closer view and capture memorable occasions. Mountaineering and sports lovers will indeed find this gadget to be of immense use. The binocular also makes camping expeditions more worthwhile and memorable.

You are sure to capture every event and record it in the SD Card slot for printing on saving to the computer. There is no binocular which seems to do this better than the Vivitar CV1025V 10×25 Binocular Digital Camera. This product uses the latest technology to ensure that every moment is clearly captured. Nothing will pass without being captured and saved with this powerful binocular.

With this fantastic camping gadget, there is so much you can do. You do not only get to closely watch an event but also take a close-range picture for future remembrance and reference. The Vivitar CV1025V 10×25 Binocular Digital Camera Review aims at giving you an in-depth analysis of its key features and performance.

An in-built Digital Camera The binocular comes with an inbuilt digital camera. This is meant to ensure that every moment gets to be captured. Long gone are the days when Binoculars were merely used to magnify far away objects and occasions. With this camera, one is able to capture and store fantastic pictures. This is a digital camera, therefore, assuring one of the fantastic pictures for all occasions.

This camera has the ability to magnify image 10 times more for a close-range view. The use of this binocular will then prove to be virtually everywhere. Whether you are in the stadium, in the mountains, jungles or simply bird-watching, this is the model for you Do not let any moment pass without capturing it.

Features of the Vivitar CV1025V 10×25 Binocular Digital Camera

The following are the features that you should know:

Vivitar CV1025V 10×25 Binocular Digital Camera Review

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A 10x magnification power and 25 mm lens diameter

When you are out sight-seeing, there are features and images that may be far off. Such images become hard to clearly spot. This is however not the case with these high-definition binoculars. The binocular has a 10 times magnification power. This also includes a lens diameter of 25 mm. Far off images are therefore able to be magnified ten times more This way, they become larger and easy to observe keenly.

The Vivitar CV1025V 10×25 Binocular has therefore dealt with the pain and agony of having to strain simply to see what is happening in a distance. This magnification can, therefore, help improve sight-seeing, stadium experience, animal and bird watching as well as the theater experience.

Reliable Center Wheel Focus Design Diopter Adjustment A perfect view is important when using a binocular. That is indeed the real function of the equipment. This binocular is perfectly designed to ensure you get a perfect and precise focusing and view. This makes it much easier to spot the center of the action.

There is, therefore, no cause for alarm over missing any action. The reliable Center Wheel Focus Design Diopter Adjustment feature ensures that there is a precise focusing. This then delivers clear images with a lasting impression on the user. Anybody out for a captivating experience will no doubt use this binocular. The quality is simply amazing.

Camera Storage

When out for sports, picnics or cinema, the idea is to enjoy yourself and take numerous pictures. The manufacturer of this binocular seems to have had this in mind. The binocular has camera storage of up to 16 MB. This enables one to take 160 images fully stored. That is however not enough. There is also an in-built SD card slot.

This makes it possible to take even more pictures. This is simply the best way to store every worthwhile moment. The Once the camera storage is full, there is the option of storing other images on the SD card. This makes the binocular more convenient.

640 x 480 Resolution

To enhance clarity of images and far-flung objects, this pair of binocular has a resolution of 640 x 480. This makes it a better choice for anyone who wants a closer look at far away images. It enhances clarity. Nothing will go unnoticed with this mighty resolution.

The lens is also powerful and gives one a better and more enhanced view. Outdoor enthusiasts, sightseers, sports lovers and theater fans will find the value for their money with the use of this binocular with such powerful resolution.

Center focus and roof prism

The outdoor use of binoculars can be quite demanding. That is why a binocular has to be compact and tough to withstand such use This Vivitar Binocular model had this figured out A center focus and a roof prism are contained.

These two jointly ensure that the binocular remains a compact masterpiece able to withstand any outdoor use This is further boosted with A inch screen preview. Bird watching, wild safaris, sports and mountain climbing lovers will find this feature instrumental.

Multiple usages

This binocular has also proved to be a great choice in a range of uses. It is a fantastic choice for cinemas and theaters. The magnification and resolution make the image clear with a lasting impression.

Sports lovers for games like the American football, Rugby, soccer, cricket, and athletics will also find this binocular to be of immense use Outdoor enthusiasts can also use the binoculars for bird watching, wildlife watching, hiking and mountain climbing. This makes the binocular-cum-digital camera a more preferred choice. The user experience is simply thrilling.

Vivitar CV1025V 10×25 Binocular Digital Camera Review – Video


  • It is relatively cheaper coming with an inbuilt camera.
  • A 10 X magnification power brings images closer.
  • The binocular is easy to use and comes with a user manual.
  • Can be used in the stadium, jungle, theaters, cinemas and mountains with perfect performance.


  • The camera’s image quality is below standard in terms of clarity. This is not a need for major concern because it is an additional feature. The price is also cheap and affordable.

Features at a Glance

  • 10x Magnification.
  • Reliable Center Wheel Focus Design.
  • Diopter Adjustment for Precise Focusing.
  • Ideal for Theater, Concerts, Bird Watching, Sporting Events, etc.
  • Camera Takes Up to 160 Images.

Product Specifications

  • Color: Silver
  • Exit Pupil Diameter: S2.5 mm
  • Field Of View: S303 feet
  • Item Dimensions: S1.18 x 4.41 x 3.94 inches
  • Item Display Weight: S0.9 pounds
  • Magnification Maximum: S10
  • Model Year: S2011
  • Objective Lens Diameter: S25
  • Shipping Weight: S0.2 pounds
  • UNSPSC Code: S46101506

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it have a memory card?

Q: Can you see at night and are pictures legible?

Final Verdict

The Vivitar CV1025V 10×25 Binocular Digital Camera Review has indeed highlighted a number of features and binocular performance. The affordable price of this gadget further makes it more preferred. The gadget comes with an inbuilt camera and, therefore, gives it an upper edge as compared with other binoculars.

This, therefore, means that there is assurance of getting value for money by buying this binocular. Features such as a 10 x magnification and a lens diameter of 25 mm are all ways of making its performance better. Although the digital camera image quality is quite disappointing, the binocular is a much better option.

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