vivitar CV1025v 10×25 Binocular Digital Camera Review

vivitar CV1025v 10x25 Binocular Digital Camera Review

Modern technology has led us to too many devices. A lot of old traditional devices have been modified with modern technology. Binoculars are also not an exception in this regard. This is a modern version of the old and traditional Binocular.

It comes with a digital camera so you can take pictures. It also has all the functionalities of the old and classic Binocular. Let’s review Vivitar CV1025v 10×25 Binocular Digital Camera. It provides you with the best information if you really require this Binocular or not. Let’s start with the most advanced and salient features of the  Vivitar CV1025v 10×25 Binocular Digital Camera.

You will find many comprehensive details about the Vivitar CV1025v 10×25 with the Binocular Digital Camera. This includes the salient features of the Binocular. You will also find out the technical information about the problem. A section of this deals with the reviews of the people about the Binocular they have used.

Then we deal with the storage and the printing of the pictures you have taken through this Binocular. Finally, a few words and a summary to close this article. If you are using the Binocular or if you are thinking of buying this Binocular then you have to read this article till the end as this article provides you with the best information that you need to operate this Binocular accurately.


Vivitar MagnaCam 10×25 Binocular and Digital Camera with VGA-Quality Stills

Salient features

vivitar CV1025v 10x25 Binocular Digital Camera Review


  • This Binocular has the functionality of roof prisms.
  • Quoted lines are installed in this Binocular.
  • It provides you with the central focus.
  • 16 MB internal memory in the form of St RAM is provided in this Binocular.

This Binocular is really provided with all the facilities to work in outdoor settings. This is important to look at the details of different objects in the outdoor settings. This is something that is not possible without the magnification function. It will stop thanks to the magnification facilities available in this Binocular.

It has the capacity to magnify the image up to the level of 10 x it provides you with the facility of an internal camera. This internal camera can record the scene you are doing through this Binocular. This Binocular can store the images up to that count of the unchecked day.

Specifications of style

vivitar CV1025v 10x25 Binocular Digital Camera Review


  • This prodded has a magnification facility up to the level of 10 X.
  • The diameter of the lens is 25 mm and the field of view is 303′ at 1000 yards and 101m at 1000 m.
  • This Binocular cannot focus less than 9.84′ or if measured in the different parameter it is 3 m
  • 5 mm is the exit Pupil diameter.
  • Eye relief is provided up to 11 mm.
  • This Binocular provides the Interpupillary Adjustment. This can be illustrated by these two figures. The first is the 58 to 70 mm and the second is 2.3 to 2.8″.
  • The focus type provided in Vivitar CV1025v 10×25 Binocular with Digital Camera is at the center.
  • This does not provide the ability of water resistance.
  • 855 lb is the package weight
  • The Binocular weight is 6.5 oz or 185 g

It requires two batteries to operate. These batteries are of AAA type. The length of this box is 8.6″, the width of the box is 5.65″ and the height of the fox is 2.7.”

Useful Information

If you are using the Vivitar CV1025v 10×25 Binocular with Digital Camera. There might be some information that may confuse you. You must know about this information so that you may use your Binocular to their full potential. If you look you may look at AMS. This means the menu.

If you want to print the picture you have taken with the help of this Binocular, the good news for you is that you can easily do it with the help of a printer.

A little bit more about the exercises that the picture size that you have taken with this s10e 225. On the other hand, if teacher Li Maya the size of the picture is one megapixel. If you have any other Binocular related issues you can download the manual through this link

A separate lens is provided to take the pictures. You can take a picture and look at the scene simultaneously.

This Binocular is compatible with the different versions of the windows. The same cannot be said about the systems that are running the Apple system.

This is the best value deal that you can get in this price bracket. You can easily adjust the focus with the help of the north will stop if you think that there is a difference between the focus of both the eyes you can adjust the board will stop you can easily do it by closing one eye and adjust the focus that was a lie and it was nervous to stop this is difficult to focus on both that you up simultaneously.

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Final Words

This is a modern day version of a classical old Binocular. This provides you the ability to capture the scenes that you love the most. While you are viewing the outdoors. The good thing is that you can not only store it but if you want you can print the pictures.

This Vivitar CV1025v 10×25 Binocular Digital Camera is compatible with different operating systems. The majority of those are different versions of the windows. Unfortunately, we are unable to test it with the Apple system. So we can not say anything about its compatibility with apple.

This is a ready to use device. It also provided the facility to take pictures. The viewer can take the pictures while he or she is looking through the Binocular.

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