Hammers Mini Compact Small Auto Perma Focus Binocular Review

Hammers Mini Compact Small Auto Perma Focus Binocular Review

Hey there are you looking for a Binocular that can fit to your pocket…? Or even smaller than that, that can just fit into your pocket not even being noticed or even a little bump. Then you are at the right place to get your perfect Binocular, that is not going to be tiniest in size but one of the best in performance as well. Let’s check what it has packaged for you in a tiny packing that is extremely functional.

Super Specs

Hammers Mini Compact Small Auto Perma Focus Binocular Review

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  • Auto And Easy Focus
  • Super Compact Size
  • Perfectly Lightweight
  • Complete Rubber Coating On Body
  • Better Non Slip Grip
  • Perfect Pricing


Hammers Mini Compact Small Auto Perma Focus Binocular Review

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These binoculars by hammers are not only slim and stylish but very effective too. These are far more different than your typical mini and compact binocular. They are smaller than many in the market and lower power as well. They are 6x which is great for the binoculars and amazing for observing.

The price you pay for the size is quite fair; you can easily pop them in your jacket pocket. As they are perma focus, the focus wheel is missing. But it still works well as its factory helps in focusing. They may be the best compact binoculars available at this price in the market. But still great in efficiency and feel.

They are extremely good and inbuilt and extremely durable. Its surface is a bit fractional but it’s good because it doesn’t slip from the hand. As smaller size binoculars provide not so good grip of holding but Hammers Mini Compact Small Auto Permafocus Binocular does. They also offer neck straps so you can put it on your neck as well. As they are perma focus binoculars their efficiency and working is upto 40 feet which is good. It also provides easy focusing for your eye on intermediate kinds of distances, not too far and not too near.

I don’t recommend it much for the people who have replaced their lenses. But Hammers Mini Compact Small Auto Permafocus Binocular are extremely favourable for glass wearers. As it is specially designed with rubber eye cups, those are foldable. If you are thinking of giving a pair of binoculars to your kids then hammers can be a great option. They are not going to interrupt them even with glasses. It’s the best choice for kids because of its perma focus, which makes it auto adjust. They don’t need to be technical for handling them, they just have to bend in the middle of adjusting eye level and that’s it .To use these the kids don’t have to learn about focus or wheel adjustment. All that stuff is really easy with these binoculars.

Another feature which makes them really desirable is their dust resistance and moisture resistance. As the optics within this binocular don’t move and you don’t have to worry much about keeping clear the center point or center focus mechanism as well. The hammers binoculars are my favourite because they are rough and tough just like their name.So if they are in kids usage I don’t think anything can perform better. If you ask me for an addition in this binoculars I would wish for a little more power. Because I think lower prices can be a downside of purchasing these. But as the price is far much lower than the others in this range I still think this can be a fair deal.

I am writing this review to help those who are looking for the best compact binoculars and don’t want to waste their money on a wrong purchase.Moreover, this review is not my personal opinion I have not only used and reviewed this product personally but I have gone through more than 500 consumer reviews. To check out how it’s working for the owners or binocular users. when you are getting some binoculars too small you have to compromise a bit on the power.

I will suggest to you that these are not field glasses but binoculars. You don’t miss calculate them due to their small size and foldability. This binocular is equipped with prisms so even the folded light path is provided. So prism addition will make your optics work better even in this small size.

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To give you a more clear picture of this product let’s check what other consumers have to say about this tiny binocular with mega functioning:

Best Review

Serve me my purposes

I purchased my pair from an online store. The best thing about it is that they focus without any effort and automatically. Normal binoculars don’t suit me much as I have different eye sides for both eyes but this one works very well with me. I love to see wildlife and water life because there is a pond at my house and the scenery is very beautiful from my rooftop. I also don’t forget to take them to my theatre Times and when I want to see the closeup of any character I use it. Now I need to order one more pair from Amazon so my husband too has his own luxurious binoculars.

Best For Travellers

These final colours are not only compact in size but also very light in weight. Its vision is perfectly clear and its power makes the details visible. Autofocus make it easy to use I love it and recommended for the travelers who love to go and explore nature and for this price it’s a great product

Worst Review

Rubber Flaps

It was my choice for my opera show, the ticket was quite expensive but it got all wasted. The flappers are really in an awkward position and keep disturbing vision. I think it’s a waste of money and the seller don’t care much as my review on sellers page was not responded to at all.

Different Visibility

The focus of both eyes have different levels of clarity, I mean the left and right sides have different visibility.

Hammers Mini Compact Small Auto Permafocus Binocular

Hammers Mini Compact Small Auto Perma Focus Binocular

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Is It fine to wear Eyesight Eyeglasses With These Binoculars?

Well, using glasses with these binoculars is not very feasible and recommended. As it gets a bit awkward to wear glasses while using these. But using them without glasses didn’t cause any trouble and I was easily able to see clearly. The auto focus facility makes it easy to use and easy to focus. But placing your eyes directly on the lens is a bad idea so don’t do that as for their power is concerned. It’s compact but has a lot of power.

Can I take these binoculars to visit art galleries, museums and churches as I want to see details of frescoes?

Yes of course you can use them for your heart love as I took them when I was visiting the sistine chapel and all the mighty figures developed by Michael Angelo were clear and all details were visible.

What’s the procedure to join the neck strap?

Attaching the neck is not a big issue, you just need to and do adjustment from the strap. Now the short piece of strap should be attached to the ring on the binocular. Now the long piece should be attached to the ring on my binoculars. Now you need to attach the both pieces together and here you go your neck strap is attached.

What Is The Exact Power Of This Compact Size Binocular?

Its power is good enough as per its size, 6x good to see details.

Wrap Up

As a whole I think this binocular is a great deal when you are looking for a compact size and lightweight binocular. Moreover, its operation is easy and not very technical. Even kids can use it due to its auto focus facility. Its price is also very reasonable. You can keep it in your pocket during your travels and it will not be troublesome or heavy to carry around. I guess this deal is fair enough with all its specs and fair prizing.

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