Redfield Rebel 10×42 Review

Redfield Rebel 10x42 Review

Designed for naturalists and hunters this 10×42 Rebel Binocular is from the house of  Redfield. This Redfield Rebel 10×42  is really designed for budget-conscious people. Water and fog resistance both are provided. To make sure that the Redfield Rebel remains fog proof the Redfield Rebel 10×42  is filled with nitrogen.

Salient Features

Redfield Rebel 10x42 Review



  • Redfield Rebel is equipped with the Roof Prisms
  • Optics that are Fully Multicoated are provided in the Redfield Rebel 10×42
  • It provides a Wide Angle Viewing ability with an angle of 65°.  
  • The Focus Distance is as close as 4-Foot.
  • The configuration used in this Redfield Rebel 10×42  is Closed Bridge.
  • The Rubber Armored provided in the Redfield Rebel 10×42 is of Polycarbonate Housing.
  • The Focus maintenance is provided in the Redfield Rebel 10×42 is through the Center Wheel
  • Redfield Rebel 10×42 is Waterproof.
  • To make it  Fogproof the Nitrogen is Filled in it.  
  • Eyecups are with the Twist-Up Rubber in the Redfield Rebel 10×42,
  • Redfield Rebel 10×42 is Tripod Adaptable.

This Redfield Rebel 10×42  is truly your best companion when the weather conditions are not so good. This can be your external eyes in wet weather especially when the environment is cold too. You can even use this Redfield Rebel 10×42  while you have gloves on your hands. 

BaK-4 prism glass is led through the optical path that is decorated with multi coated objects. You may focus as close as five feet and this has the ability to magnify the image as big as 10X

Important Characteristics

Redfield Rebel 10x42 Review


  • High ability to magnify the objects accurately.
  • The Optics are multi coated and are in full
  • The angle of view for Redfield Rebel 10×42 is 6.5°.
  • The apparent viewing angle is 65°.
  • The focusing ability for the minimum distance is 4 feet.
  • It provides eye relief up to 16mm

Operational Ease

Redfield Rebel 10x42 Review


Redfield Rebel 10×42 brings multiple ease for the user of the Redfield Rebel 10×42 . This includes

  • Eyecup is made of rubber.
  • These are twisted up words. 
  • The correction for the diopter is available in this Redfield Rebel 10×42.  
  • Focus wheel is available that is made of rubber.
  • This Redfield Rebel 10×42  is tripod adjustable


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Important Construction Element

Redfield Rebel 10x42 Review


  • This is a waterproof Redfield Rebel 10×42  so you can use it freely
  • To handle the different working and atmospheric conditions this Redfield Rebel 10×42  is fog proof. 
  • Polycarbonate is used in the manufacturing of housing
  • The body is armored through the rubber. The surface is textured and gripped.
  • Weight of Redfield Rebel 10×42 is only 26 Oz.

Due to its small size, this brings much ease in the life of the person who is using the Redfield Rebel 10×42 . A perfect traveling partner for the people who love the mature. This is not only the small size that makes the Redfield Rebel 10×42  great but multiple other factors are also associated with this Redfield Rebel 10×42  too. This lovely Redfield Rebel 10×42  can convert your journey into a great activity. 

Weather conditions will not create any hindrance in your sight seeing activity. This Redfield Rebel 10×42  is designed to be protected from different atmospheric conditions. These atmospheric conditions include the water and fog presence. Both of these elements make things difficult for an adventurer. This Redfield Rebel 10×42  is designed to keep you safe. In both extreme conditions. Well protected from the both.

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Final Words

The Redfield Rebel 10×42  has some unique characteristics that make it useful in different conditions. This is true for every product. More or less every product has some unique characteristics that make it useful in extreme conditions. Like this is a small object. So this can be your perfect partner during travelling.  

This is such a good partner that this will not disturb your sight seeing activity even in the extreme atmospheric conditions. Your unique friend can resist water and fog. So that you may continue your activity.