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Vanguard Endeavor offers a top quality binocular at an affordable price. The Vanguard Endeavor ED 10×42 Binocular provides high-performance features to both the outdoor and nature enthusiast at a value. The Premium Extra-low Dispersion glasses which are fitted with Multi Guard coatings on the binocular allow for bright as well as sharp images even when in low-light conditions. With Vanguard Endeavor, you should expect excellent light transmission, amazing color resolution and vivid sharpness.

Features of the Vanguard Endeavor ED 10x42

What are the features that you must know?

Vanguard Endeavor ED 10x42 Review

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Diopter Adjustment

The adjustment mechanism of the diopter on Vanguard Endeavor is made neatly with a lock as well. A concave area which is found on the bridge positions the index finger in alignment with the focus knobs while providing the user with a natural resting place for the middle finger.

The small ergonomic detail ensures that you tend to grip this binocular in almost a similar way every time. Consistent grips of a binocular helps a lot in the kin esthetic intelligence which you use whenever you point binoculars at any bird.

Glass and Coatings

Vanguard Endeavor pair of Hunting have been made with BaK4 prisms which are phase-coated. The binoculars also feature a very special anti-reflection coating found on all air-glass interfaces. The ant-reflection coating improves the image quality as well as efficiency of light transmission.

Additionally, the binoculars also have V-Max silver coatings that greatly enhance contrast for crisper and sharper images. In addition they also feature the Emerald coating that exclusively enhances colors found in the green regions of the spectrum. Last but not least, there’s also the ED glass whose major function is reducing chromatic aberration.


The Vanguard Endeavor lenses have been made from the ED (extra-low dispersion glass). This glass is normally used in lenses found on high end optics so as to reduce the amount of color fringing commonly referred to as chromatic aberration. Furthermore, the ED glasses also improve the image sharpness as compared to the glasses made from standard glass. This ED glass is capable of doing this because it gives designers a wide range of options for directing and concentrating the light’s wavelength. In general, when aberrations are controlled better, you will also get cleaner and brighter images.

Because of the high costs and level of precision needed in making ED Glass, they can only be found in high end cameras, Binoculars as well as telescopes. The minimum close focus of this binocular is 8.2 feet which is pretty good. Besides that, the eye relief on the binocular is 19 and 16.5 millimeters which turns out to be better than average binoculars thus ensuring that most people comfortably use it.

Focus knob

The focus knob on Vanguard Endeavor has no slack. As a result, it provides the correct amount of resistance required while using it. The knob’s surface is also rubbery, deeply grooved and soft as well. A three-quarter turn of the focus knob will take you through the whole focus range.

Fog and Waterproof

The body on these ED Binoculars are O-ring sealed. Vanguard Endeavor ED 10×42 makes the body to be fully waterproof thus preventing moisture, dust and the other small particles from getting inside the pair of binoculars. This ensures clear view at all times. In addition, the binocular is “Nitrogen-charged”.

This means that the air inside its body has been replaced by dry nitrogen gas. The gas prevents internal optics from fogging up which mostly happens whenever you experience rapid variations in temperature. In addition, the moisture free environment protects the inner parts of the binocular from any corrosion.


The Endeavor binocular comes with the usual assortment of accessories. This includes the standard strap which is quite good, with a padded, section that goes around your neck. The strap is around 1.75 inches wide thus making you comfortable while carrying the binocular. The rain guard, which is a pair of pliable soft rubber cups that are joined by a very flexible bridge, fits neatly over the eyecups.

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  • The Endeavor binocular has an exceptionally fast focus.
  • The binocular has a 19mm eye relief which is longer as compared to other models in the same class.
  • The binocular also has wonderful ergonomics.
  • It also has slender and easy-to-hold barrels.
  • Great value for the money.
  • The Endeavor binocular is lightweight thus it can be carried around without making you tired.
  • The Endeavor binocular has a great range of vision.
  • The binocular also has an adjustment for the people who put on eye glasses.


  • The minimum focus distance of 8.2 feet is quite long.

Features at a Glance

  • Roof Prism
  • Fully Multicoated
  • ED Glass Lenses
  • 65.3° Wide AAOV
  • Open Bridge Design
  • Waterproof and Fogproof
  • Anti-Reflection, Phase2 and V-Max Silver

Product Specifications

  • Prism Type – Roof
  • Magnification – 10x
  • Objective Lens Diameter – 42mm
  • Angle of View – 6.5°
  • Field-of-View – 343.37′ @ 1000yd / 114m @ 1000m
  • Minimum Focus Distance – 8.2′ / 2.50m
  • Exit Pupil Diameter – 4.2mm
  • Eye Relief – 16.5mm
  • Focus Type – Center
  • Tripod Mount – Yes
  • Dimensions – 6.06×5.12×5.12″ / 154x130x130.05mm
  • Weight – 1.61lb / 730g
  • Shipping Weight – 2.4 pounds

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can he Endeavor binocular be mounted on a monopod or tripod stand?

Q: Do the binoculars come with a case and strap?

Q: Are there any problems with using the binocular if you are a wearer of contact lens?

Final Verdict

That is pretty much everything that you have to know about Vanguard Endeavor binoculars. At $, Vanguard binocular are of a great value as they deliver an excellent level of performance for that cost.

Jim Shockey

Jim Shockey is a Canadian outdoor writer, a professional big game outfitter, and television producer and host for many hunting shows.

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