Celestron Granite 8×42 Review

I love nature and when my original binoculars were not usable anymore. I was forced to go out and look for a good replacement. In my search I came across Celestron Granite 8×42 which had been awarded the best birding binoculars in 2012. This made me very curious and so I decided to find more about this binocular in a bid to see if it could be a good option.

In this ​Celestron Granite 8×42 Review, I will share my findings with anyone looking for great binoculars to purchase. The device is equipped with great features and specifications responsible for its quality.

Celestron Granite 8×42 Review

Features of the Celestron Granite 8×42

Celestron Granite 8×42 is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put Celestron Granite 8×42 is a one of the best in our Astronomical List.

Celestron Granite 8×42 Review

Wonderful Design

The first great feature I noticed about these Celestron Granite Binoculars is their wonderful design. It features the latest open-hinge design which keeps makes the binoculars lightweight, comfortable and very secure to hold with either one or both hands Personally.

I love this because I often prefer to carry the binoculars in one hand and use the other hand clearing the barriers in my path. The design also features ergonomically placed thumb and fore-finger indents that contribute to easy and comfortable holding.

Optimal Performance

Celestron Granite 8×42 birding binoculars is armed with Extra-low Dispersion (ED) glass which enhances resolution, contrast and color. Its fully multi-coated lenses are designed to improve light transmission with several anti-reflective coatings on virtually all air-to-glass surfaces.

Also contributing to improved light transmission are Dielectric Prism coatings and Bak4 prims. These features ensure that you view the best image of what you are focusing with high levels of clarity, sharpness and contrast. This makes the binoculars great both for recreation and scientific uses.

Celestron Granite 8×42 Review

Highly Durable

One of the reasons why Celestron Granite 8×42 is my number one choice is its durability. It features strong, lightweight magnesium body as well as fog-proof and waterproof protection. This makes the binoculars highly durable and best suited for outdoor use no matter the prevailing weather conditions.

From customer reviews and testimonials, these binoculars can be used heavily yet still remain as good as new for several years. They will not require frequent repairs or replacement like many other brands currently in the market.

Safe, Comfortable and Easy To Use

As already been mentioned, the design of these binoculars make it comfortable to handle. Its open frame design makes these Celestron Granite Binocular highly comfortable and very easy to use, especially if you are observing for long periods or when using just one hand. The design also features rubber armoring which provides for secure, non-slip grip.

Adjustable eyecups which can simply twist up and down for comfortable observing with or without glasses add to comfort. Furthermore, it is eco-friendly in that it contains no arsenic or lead which can be harmful to human health.

Greatly Versatile

I also love the versatility of these binoculars. While they are perfect for birding, the Binoculars can also be used for other purposes. The suitable minimum focusing distance according to my understanding should be less than 6 feet.

The Celestron Graphite 8×42 minimum focusing distance is 6.5 feet which is not so bad for close focusing. The binoculars are good for hunting, sporting events, bird-watching, Aastronomy viewing, wildlife and nature viewing, and travels and outdoor. Few binoculars in the market are this versatile.

Wide Field of View

When it comes to field of view, these binoculars offer 426 feet at 1000 yards (142m at 1000m) linear field of view or 8.1A angular field of view which I believe is excellent. For this reason, they qualify to be considered as wide-range binoculars.

Compared to other high-end brands currently in the market in terms of field of view, the Celestron Granite 8×42 are among the very best because most people love to observe birds at 399ft at 1000 yards.



Features at a Glance

  • BAK4 Roof Prisms.
  • AAoV 65°.
  • Multicoated Lenses.
  • Center Focus Knob.
  • Eco-Friendly.
  • Binocular Harness Strap.
  • Waterproof and Fogproof.

​Celestron Granite 8×42 Review - Video

Celestron Granite 8×42 Review
Celestron Granite 8×42 review

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Can the IS mode be turned off?

​Final Verdict

In any case you have been looking for Good Binoculars to purchase for your bird watching or any other related need then Celestron Granite 8×42 could be a wonderful choice.They offer sharp, vivid and realistic images besides being durable and easy to use.

Their quality and performance notwithstanding, these binoculars are among the cheapest the market has to offer. I highly recommend you check them out because you might fall in love with them.

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