Celestron 71020 Skymaster 25-125×80 Zoom Binoculars Review

Technology is moving at quite a rapid pace, especially in this modern era. To an undeniably significant extent, it seems that revolution in the binocular world is quickly surging forward, full speed ahead.

Much possibility of the creation of fully multipurpose binoculars has been noted. Such will take us from the usual and common wide overview down to a finer element of detail. As we look forward to such, Celestron have lifted our hopes even higher with the release of their Celestron 71020 Skymaster 25-125×80 Zoom Binoculars.

We’ve undertaken to test this product, taking into consideration its reviews from other users, as well as its features. Below is an honest, unbiased review of the Celestron-71020 SkyMaster Binocular.

Features of the Celestron 71020 Skymaster 25-125×80 Zoom Binoculars

The SkyMasters are slowly setting a new benchmark in the world of optics, especially in the magnification aspect. They can be rightfully considered as impressive pioneers, being among the first select models to attempt this feat. The Celestron 71020 is a handheld, well-engineered telescope. Below are some of its features, all clearly outlined and conveniently detailed. Here is the Celestron 71020 Skymaster 25-125×80 Zoom Binoculars Review:

Celestron 71020 Skymaster 25-125×80 Zoom Binoculars Review

Fully Multi-Coated Optics

These binoculars incorporate fully multi-coated optics, ensuring that optimum light reaches your eyes in order to produce the best-lit image possible. Having quite a large aperture, the Celestron 71020 Binoculars stand out as the perfect-most companion for low-light conditions and star gazing. In addition, Bak-4 Prisms with phase correction have been incorporated to ascertain that all light wavelengths make through the binoculars, which in turn gives the fullest picture possible.

Celestron 71020 Skymaster 25-125×80 Zoom Binoculars Review 1


These binoculars provide for a varying degree of magnification, which’s quite refreshing and practical, especially in the optic world. They’re able to zoom in from any magnification level, from 25x to 125x. They inarguably bring the telescope esque magnification to you, but in a relatively small package. Granted that they’re tripod-adaptable, you can bring any object into focus even when they’re as much as 6 miles away.

Celestron 71020 Skymaster 25-125×80 Zoom Binoculars Review

Image Quality

These Celestron 71020 Skymaster 25-125×80 Zoom Binoculars are equipped with numerous beneficial features that aid in optimization of image quality. Such include the phase-coated prisms and a large aperture that enhances low light functioning. Images are well focusable, offering more than the ideal viewing experience.

Celestron 71020 Skymaster 25-125×80 Zoom Binoculars Review

Eye Relief

Celestron have conveniently taken the glasses-wearing individuals into consideration. They have undertaken to equip these binoculars with a suitable 13-mm eye relief, an ample space for even the thickest glasses. They also come in a great length, ensuring that the binoculars are comfortable enough to press onto your face. Furthermore, the well-cushioned eyecups eliminate any discomfort in looking through the binoculars.



Celestron 71020 Skymaster 25-125×80 Zoom Binoculars Review

Some of Its Features Included

  • Multi-coating for optimum clarity and contrast.
  • High quality BaK-4 prisms.
  • Excellent light gathering capability for stargazing.
  • Diopter adjustment and long eye relief for eyeglass wearers.

Product Specifications

  • Prism Type – Porro
  • Color – Black
  • Magnification – 25-125x
  • Objective Lens Diameter – 80mm
  • Angle of View – 1.2°
  • Field-of-View – 3.2′ @ 1000yd / 1.06m @ 1000m
  • Minimum Focus Distance – 98′ / 29.87m
  • Exit Pupil Diameter – 3.2mm
  • Eye Relief – 13mm
  • Focus Type – Center
  • Tripod Mount – Yes
  • Weight – 4.7 lb / 2.13 kg
  • Display Weight – 2,194 grams
  • Shipping Weight – 6.35 pounds

Celestron 71020 Skymaster 25-125×80 Zoom Binoculars Review – Video

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do these binoculars perform at very high magnification with respect to clarity?

Q: Can one connect a camera onto the binoculars?

Q: Will I have to purchase a tripod adapter or is it possible to mount with the built-in?

​Final Verdict

Summing up, the main benefit of any binoculars, not just the SkyMaster 71020, is that you can maneuver with them across various places as they take one closer to nature. The Celestron 71020 are usable with a tripod, and conveniently portable to carry around your neck. They’re an exclusive piece of equipment, yet suitably affordable. They offer lots of value at a surprisingly price. All in all, Celestron have done an outstanding job in the making and release of this model.

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