Canon 12×36 is ii Review

Regardless of your need, Canon always has the right binoculars for you It is a top innovator that introduced a state-of-the-art image stabilization technology. This cutting-edge technology has given it an upper hand over other competition. Here is the Ca​​​​non 12×36 is ii Review:

Canon 12×36 is ii one model that best defines this Powerful and steady, this binoculars offers you with an impressive shake-free viewing in virtually any type of environment.

It is built with great attention to detail and to a level of quality that makes it worth every penny spend. This binoculars is a perfect option for those that want to enjoy nature from a distance.

Features of the Canon 12×36 is ii Binocular

Canon 12×36 is ii designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put Canon 12×36 is ii Binocular is a one of the best in our Compact List.

Light and Compact Construction

Canon 12×36 is ii binoculars is designed to eliminate the hassles of mounting on a tripod. Weighing at only 2 pounds, it is light enough to hold in your bare hands. Actually, it is 26-percent lighter compared to its predecessor; 12×36 IS.

It features a sleek design (9 x 7 x 4 inches) that makes it 10-percent smaller. This renders it portable and more convenient to carry, especially when exploring on rough terrain.

Powerful Magnification

Canon 12×36 is II has one of the largest objective lenses among the IS range of binoculars. It boasts of 36mm diameter multi-coated objective lenses that magnifies your image 12 times. It deliver a wide and extra-bright field of view. The lenses guarantee maximum light gathering and feature an eye-relief feature that is good for those wearing spectacles.

The binoculars incorporate an advanced Doublet Field Flattener. This feature functions to offer outstanding edge-to-edge clarity.

Great Image Stabilization

Canon 12×36 is ii undoubtedly the most outstanding feature in Canon 12×36 IS II. The IS mode can be activated by a simple push of the shutter button located at the center of the binoculars. It makes use of a Vani-Angle Prism to compensate for any unwanted image movements.

This may be as a result of vibrations, air turbulence or natural body movement. It eliminates distortion while maintaining great image clarity. This makes it ideal for use on moving environment, especially when traveling.

Water-Resistant and Fog-Proof

Canon designed this binoculars in a way that makes it perfect for use in any kind of weather. The exterior is coated with rubber and sealed to prevent water damage on the optics. The rubber also provides an anti-slip surface that makes the binoculars easy to hold when wet or dry. It is purged with nitrogen gas to make it fog-proof.

This prevents moisture entry that may damage the lenses. In short, Canon 12×36 is ii Binocular can be used in any weather condition.

Anti-Reflective Coating

Does sunlight conditions hinder you from getting that vibrant and clear view? Well, there is a perfect solution to this; Anti-reflective coating. This is one of the recent developments in the optic industry. Canon decided to incorporate this on 12×36 IS II. This advanced technology allows the binoculars to deliver enhanced brightness and clarity even in bright sunlight.

Its large objective lens allows more light to pass through with minimal reflection. The low reflective properties minimizes the chance of disturbing wildlife.

Great Portability and Excellent Battery Power

Canon 12×36 IS II comes with an advanced power saving technology. Compared to its predecessor, it offers an additional 4 hours of continued use This makes it a more energy efficient unit that will provide long hours of ultimate viewing experience.

The binoculars comes with a carry case and a strap that provide convenient storage and transportation. You can always take it with you wherever you go.

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Some of Its Features Included

  • Doublet Field Flattener
  • Image Stabilizer
  • Super Spectra Coating
  • Lead Free Glass

Product Specifications

  • Prism Type – Porro
  • Color – Black
  • Magnification – 12x
  • Objective Lens Diameter – 36mm
  • Batteries – Two 1.5-Volt “AA” Alkaline
  • Angle of View – 5.0°
  • Field-of-View – 287′ @ 1000yd / 95.28m @ 1000m
  • Minimum Focus Distance – 19.69′ / 6.0m
  • Exit Pupil Diameter – 3.0mm
  • Eye Relief – 14mm
  • Focus Type – Center
  • Tripod Mount – None
  • Dimensions – 5.0×6.9×2.8″ / 12.70×17.53×7.11cm
  • Weight – 23.28oz / 660g
  • Shipping Weight – 2.4 pounds
  • Warranty – 3 Year

Frequently Asked Questions

Customers have asked various questions based on the overall performance and design of Canon 12×36 IS II. Below are some of the most notable ones (Canon 12×36 is ii Review).

Q: What type of batteries does it use and how long do they last?

Q: Can the IS mode be turned off?

Final Verdict

If you desire outstanding image clarity and great resolution, then you need to get your hands on Canon 12×36 IS II. Even though some may argue that it is an expensive purchase, its high specs and optical performance are actually worth the bargain.

It is one of the few models that can be used on both still and moving environments. This binoculars suits all; whether you are a bird watcher, hunter or astronomer.

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