Canon 10×30 is Binoculars Review





Canon as you know, has over the year built an unquestionable reputation in terms of durability while ensuring an unbeatable overall user’s satisfaction and this Canon 10×30 binoculars is another in its outstanding series of high-performance devices. I am yet to see other binoculars that can afford to stand a comparison bout with this one.

Features of the Canon 10×30 is Binoculars

The following are the features that you should know:

Canon 10×30 is Binoculars Review

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Built-In Image Stabilizer

Canon 10×30 is Binoculars feature does you the Indispensable benefit of a detailed view of objects even from long distance. With the push of just a button positioned to be readily accessible by both hands, you set Your Binoculars to nullify the needless effects of vibrating hands, it is as though your binoculars was mounted on a tripod stand.

Image stabilization also means that even at a reasonable velocity, just like in the case of viewing from a moving car, you get a highly defined view of objects at a generous resolution. You certainly can’t afford using a binocular without a reliable image stabilization like this one.

Water-Resistant Rubber Coating

You Binoculars, irrespective of how careful you are, is misguided from and vulnerable to certain elements that stand the potential to render it void. Well, impact of water splash might not be an issue of concern if you are using a non-wired binocular, but this Canon 10×30 one is wired. Sounds delicate?

Rest assured, Canon has got it covered with a leak-proof water-resistant rubber coating, which does not only protect your binoculars from water, dust or any other disturbing element, but also assures you of a firm grip throughout your usage. A feature you can count on to never lose your binoculars in the crowd.

10x Magnification in an Ultra-Lightweight and Compact Design

Your Canon binoculars is remarkably designed to encompass dumb-founding features in an elegantly compact and generously light-weighted design. Its build-up has a compact dimension of 5.9″ x 5″ x 2.8″ and an overall weight of 1.38 pounds that make it easy to handle. Plus your Canon Binoculars guarantees a 10x unbeatable magnification with an outstandingly detailed resolution.

Doublet Field-Flatten Lens

Images viewed are very sharp and void of any distortion or any conflicts at its extreme ends; it is as though you are viewing it directly from an arm’s-reach or an HD screen.

Its double field-flatten lenses present a wide field of view, approximately 67-degrees. While these lenses are reserved for high-profile binoculars, Canon has had it installed on your IS binoculars for an unrivaled experience.

Long Eye Relief for Easy Viewing

Your Canon 10×30 is Binoculars designed to have your eye positioned from the eyepiece lens at a healthy distance, which makes the field stop to appear sharper for a sufficient field of view. With all rays leaving the eyepiece, entering through your pupil, you are presented with an unobstructed viewing with no shadows.

Keeping a Canon 10×30 is Binoculars with you during your field trips means, you wouldn’t need strain your eyes to get the desired view and that enhances birding.

Super Spectra Multi-Coating

A small percentage of the light entering each lens is reflected off the internal lens, which can culminate in a distorted image. Canon multi-coated lenses offer steady color balance across both lenses for sharp and high-contrast images.

With each light spectra traveling on a separate wave, a multi-layered lens awards you with diminished ghosting and flare occurrences by effectively minimizing reflections.

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  • Compact and light-weight design for optimum comfort in handling.
  • Water-resistant rubber coating is well sealed for firm grip and protection from elements.
  • Long eye relief allows for easy birding and continuous viewing.
  • Super spectra multi-coating caters for internal reflection for reduced ghosting and flare.
  • Image stabilization allows for uninterrupted viewing with no strains on wrists.


  • Rubber coating also does get sticky over long period of use.

Features at a Glance

  • Vari-Angle Prism Image Stabilization.
  • Eco-Friendly Lead-Free Glass.
  • Super Spectra Multicoated Optics.
  • Doublet Field-Flattener Lenses.
  • Apparent Angle of View: 60°.
  • Center Focus Wheel.
  • Runs on Two AA Alkaline / NiMh Batteries.

Product Specifications

  • Prism Type – Porro
  • Magnification – 10x
  • Objective Lens Diameter – 30mm
  • Angle of View – 6° (actual)
  • Color – Black
  • Batteries – 2 xAA
  • Field-of-View – 315′ @ 1000yd / 104.58m @ 1000m
  • Minimum Focus Distance – 13.78′ / 4.2m
  • Exit Pupil Diameter – 3.0mm
  • Eye Relief – 14.5mm
  • Interpupillary Adjustment – 55-75mm / 2.17-2.95″
  • Dioptric Correction – ±3
  • Stabilization Freedom – ±1°
  • Focus Type – Center
  • Tripod Mount – None
  • Dimensions – 5.9×5.0x2.8″ / 14.99×12.70×7.11cm
  • Weight – 21.2oz / 601g
  • Shipping Weight – 2.2 pounds

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it features a tripod connection?

Q: Is there a manual zooming feature?

Q: Do I get a warranty for my purchase?

Final Verdict

Canon 10×30 is Binoculars serves in advance, its prime purpose. Image stabilization is incredibly awesome, its all-black design is very trendy and super spectra multi-coating offers unbeatable ghosting and flare elimination. The price is worth it for its attributes and overall functioning is standardized for general use If you do not mind putting up with its tolerable drawbacks.

Then I think it’s about time that you get your share of its amazing features.My reviews are strictly voluntary and void of any credits to my accounts, so you are free to count it trustworthy. Good luck and see you on the fun side of field trips.

Jim Shockey

Jim Shockey is a Canadian outdoor writer, a professional big game outfitter, and television producer and host for many hunting shows.

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